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About ICSG

Mission of the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology

Develop and promote the social and economic aspects of ageing in Ireland for the purpose of supporting a balanced and holistic view of ageing; and to act as a resource for all involved in ageing in Ireland.

Strategic objectives:

  1. Research activities: ICSG exists to broaden the scope and depth of social gerontological research in Ireland. It aims to enhance its position as an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the field of research on ageing.
  2. Academic programmes: ICSG seeks to develop social gerontology as an academic field. It aims to increase Ireland’s capacity to support research, education and training in ageing by contributing to undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and by supporting doctoral research on ageing.
  3. Skill development and information support: By providing training in research and policy analysis, and through the timely dissemination of information, ICSG aims to enhance the capabilities and knowledge base of people working in the ageing sector in Ireland.
  4. Policy analysis: ICSG aims to become an internationally recognised authority on ageing in Ireland. Through its activities it seeks to raise awareness of issues affecting people as they age, and to influence the formulation and implementation of public policies for older people in Ireland and the wider European Union.


The Irish Centre for Social Gerontology is based in the Institute for Lifecourse & Society at NUI Galway. The Institute for Lifecourse & Society is located on the northern campus of NUI Galway. You can enter through the Corrib Village entrance on upper Newcastle Road and it is the first building on the left.