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Eamon O'Shea receives prestigious HRB Research Leaders Award

Feb 2016

The Health Research Board has appointed four new Research Leaders in the areas of suicide prevention, safe prescribing, dementia care and team leadership in the health services. The awards are designed to build capacity in areas of strategic importance for health delivery in Ireland. They will ensure senior people have dedicated time to generate relevant evidence to inform decision-making in these key areas. Professor Eamon O'Shea of the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology at NUI Galway is one of the recipients of this prestigious award.

According to Graham Love, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board,

‘These awards are designed to address knowledge gaps in our health service. If you want to turn good services into brilliant ones, then research will give you that edge’.

These awards were expressly created to bring together some of our best researchers and those actually responsible for delivering care services. They will advance evidence-informed decision-making in our healthcare services. Along with the four HRB Research Leader posts, these grants will support more than 15 research personnel to underpin the various work programmes. Additionally the HRB Research Leaders will act as role models and mentors to help build a ‘critical mass’ of people with the specialist skills required to conduct population health and health services research, and apply their findings into policy and practice.

HRB Research Leader Professor Eamon O'Shea, National University of Ireland, Galway
Project title: National Centre for Social Research on Dementia
Partners: Genio, Health Services Executive Programme Lead for National Dementia Strategy, Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Nursing Homes Ireland.
Award amount €1.6 million over five years

The award will provide the research framework to support the implementation of the National Dementia Strategy. The research programme will investigate optimal, person-centred pathways to care and placement for people on the margins of home care and residential care. It will examine the economic, social and emotional costs of caring for people with dementia, with particular emphasis on non-pharmacological approaches to care. It includes exploring the potential and development of a pilot randomised control trial investigating the impact of exercise on quality of life for people with dementia in care settings. The investment will promote and build capacity in economic and social research on dementia, develop the next generation of research leaders in the area, and engage directly with health policy makers and practitioners. It encompass a partnership approach amongst all stakeholder groups from people with dementia to researchers, healthcare providers and health policy makers with a view to enhancing and enriching the lives of people with dementia. The work will be hosted at the Institute for Lifecourse and Society at NUI Galway and will complement the university’s existing investment in social gerontology and health economics.