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ICSG Launches Report on Measuring Social Exclusion for Older People

Apr 2014

The Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG) is delighted to announce the launch of an all-island research report on ‘Measuring Old-Age Social Exclusion in a Cross-Border Context’. The research, which was prepared by the ICSG’s Padraic Ward, Kieran Walsh and Thomas Scharf, attempts to measure the extent of social exclusion amongst older people in Ireland and Northern Ireland for the first time, using currently available data and secondary data-analysis. A major component of this research focuses on identifying the feasibility and the capacity for such a comparative cross-border analysis highlighting existing information gaps.

This research is of fundamental importance to our ability as a society to not only identify social exclusion amongst older people but to create crucial practice and policy interventions to address its prevalence and its influence in the lives of older citizens. Without measuring old-age exclusion, it is difficult to ascertain the level to which exclusion is prevalent amongst the older population in our society; it is difficult to identify the particular pathways, risk-factors and outcomes of social exclusion that need to be targeted; it is difficult to capture how exclusion changes over time; and it is difficult to think meaningfully about how to address social exclusion in later life.

Reflecting the multifaceted nature of social exclusion, the research focuses on five domains of social exclusion. These include (1) social relations (2) services, amenities and mobility (3) material and financial resources (4) neighbourhood and community and (5) civic activities.

Click here to view the full report and its executive summary.