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User Forum - Who cares for Older Citizens living in County Galway?

Oct 2008

As part of their development and promotion of an holistic and positive view of ageing, the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (ICSG) recently held a pilot user form for older citizens. The forum, comprised of 17 older citizens living within County Galway, who deliberated on: ‘Who cares for Older Citizens living in County Galway?” Drawing on their own life long experiences, the forum pooled their understanding of the availability of and access to, support and services that aim to promote optimum quality of life and secure independent living.

The forum’s goal was to identify some common issues/concerns and in small practical and achievable ways, to address at least one of these within an agreed timescale. An Advisory Group consisting of older person service providers and independents is committed to responding to at least one of the issues within a realistic and cost effective time scale.

Effecting change takes time and as a pilot, the user forum provided an opportunity to both explore new ways of citizens to engage with service providers and vice versa and also to open up new forms of dialogue. It is hoped that potentially on going actions may effect positive change in some aspect of health and social care service provision for older persons in County Galway.