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Dr Kieran Walsh

Job Title: 
Acting Director

Dr. Kieran Walsh is Acting Director of the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, and Project Director of Project Lifecourse at the Institute for Lifecourse and Society in NUI Galway. Kieran has over 15 years’ experience in interdisciplinary social gerontology and life-course research and has consistently worked in an interdisciplinary team environment, designing and leading original research projects on key societal challenges. Kieran leads multi-disciplinary research teams and manages research programmes on aging and the life-course. In his current roles, he is also instrumental in the strategic development of the study of social gerontology and thematic work programmes on life-course related topics within NUI Galway. Kieran’s research interest and expertise focus on: social exclusion in later life; place and life-course transitions and trajectories; influence of structural forces and institutional life course; informal and formal infrastructures of care, and care relationships; and intersecting ageing and migration processes. Kieran is also the main proposer and Chair of COST Action CA15122 on ‘Reducing Old-Age Exclusion in Europe’. With more than 80 international experts from over 30 nations, this Action aims to advance and co-produce (with policy stakeholders) interdisciplinary conceptual innovation in the area of old-age exclusion. The Action will run from 2016 to 2020 and host conferences, workshop-policy events, short-term placements, and training schools across Europe, and beyond.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

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Edited Volumes

Kieran Walsh, Gemma Carney, Áine Ní Léime (2015). Ageing through Austerity: Critical Perspectives from Ireland. Bristol: Policy Press.

Book Chapters

Walsh, K. (2016). Creating, maintaining and losing home: productions of ageing and migration in Ireland. In: Katie Walsh and Lena Näre (eds). Re-thinking Home. Transnational Migration and Older Age. New York and Abingdon: Routledge.

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Competitively Won and Peer-Reviewed Reports

Ward, P., Walsh, K., Scharf, T. (2014). Measuring old-age social exclusion in a cross-border context: findings of a comparative secondary analysis in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, Galway. ISBN: 978-1-908358-19-6.

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Working Papers (2016)

Walsh, K., Scharf, T., Keating, N. (2016). Social exclusion of older persons: A scoping review and conceptual framework. WP-01-2016-ICSG.

Walsh, K., Rowles, G., Scharf, T. (2016). Constructing home over the life course: toward a model of At-Oneness. WP-02-2016-ICSG.

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Skinner, M., Walsh, K., Scharf, T. (2016). Rural ageing, social exclusion and voluntarism: a view from Ireland. WP-04-2016-ICSG.

Research Projects: