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Ageing with Confidence

Ageing with Confidence was developed by Age and Opportunity in 2001 as a community education programme. The programme was developed through a partnership between Northside Counselling Service (NCS), the HSE, Community Care Area 8 (formerly Northern Area Health Board) and Age & Opportunity.

The impetus for the initiative arose from a perceived need for an educational/self-development course targeted at older people to counter older people’s negative perceptions of ageing and ageism, their lack of confidence and to empower them to improve their health and social gain in their own lives. As a means of achieving this goal Ageing with Confidence provides education for health by developing life skills and by promoting positive mental health and self-confidence for older people.

The aim of Ageing with Confidence is to offer a holistic approach to health promotion. It aims to enhance the development of older people by providing education for health, by developing life skills and by promoting positive mental health and self-confidence. The programme is delivered to increase participants’ self confidence by: facilitating people to explore their own ageing; challenging the myths and stereotyping that lead to ageism; and providing information on physical, psychological and social aspects of growing older.

The Group Programme consists of 8 weekly two-and-a-half hour sessions.  Each session is delivered by two facilitators trained by Age & Opportunity and consists of information on aspects of ageing such as:

  • Self-Confidence and Ageism
  • The Components of Self and Physical Ageing
  • Psychological Aspects of Normal Ageing
  • Self-Knowledge and Stresses in Later Life
  • The Emotional Self
  • Improving Self-Confidence
  • Isolation, Loneliness and Sexuality in Later Life

The final session is a review and evaluation of the programme

The Irish Centre for Social Gerontology are a local partner delivering the programme in the Galway area. To find out more about the ageing with confidence programme please contact Aine Ní Leime at aine.nileime@nuigalway.ie or 091 495458