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CSG / COPE Conference for Older People

May 2010

The Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, NUI Galway and COPE Galway Senior Support Services are co-hosting a participatory conference on Life Enhancement for Older People across the themes of participation and civic engagement, empowerment and advocacy on Tuesday May 4th at the Galway Bay Hotel from 10.30am. This event will have a special focus on how research can involve older people and be used by older people to benefit them. Group discussion will form a major part of the programme and will contribute to a short conference report.

The purpose of this Conference is:

  • To present existing research on life enhancement for older people in an accessible format to older people
  • To provide older people with the opportunity to discuss participation in society, empowerment and advocacy.
  • To demonstrate how research knowledge can enhance the voice of older people and to support their participation in advocacy and lobbying activities.

Download a pdf of the conference >>