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ICSG receives four IRC New Foundations Awards

Dec 2012

Four members of the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology research team were successful in receiving the Irish Research Council New Foundation Awards.

1.    Dr Kieran Walsh secured an award entitled “Fostering International Collaboration on Social Exclusion and Ageing”.The project aims to enhance international collaboration with respect to dissemination in the field of social exclusion and ageing research.

2.    Dr. Áine Ní Leime secured an award to support an “International research network on gender analysis of employment, retirement and pensions for older workers”. The aim of this project is to establish an international network of researchers to conceptualise and eventually conduct a gendered analysis of the employment, retirement and pension prospects of older workers in Europe.

3.    Professor Eamon O’Shea secured an award to establish a network of international experts on the economics of psychosocial interventions in dementia, led by researchers in NUI Galway. The network will come together (1) to identify best practice in relation to the use of psychosocial interventions for those with dementia and (2) to apply for research funding for a cross-European study on the economics of psychosocial interventions in dementia.

4.    Professor Thomas Scharf secured an award for a project entitled ‘Between Conflict and Solidarity: Intergenerational Relations in Recessionary Times’. This builds on, and holds the potential to significantly extend, the ongoing collaboration between researchers at the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, NUI Galway, and the Social Policy and Ageing Research Centre (SPARC), Trinity College Dublin on the theme of intergenerational solidarity.