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New European Network on Gender and extended working life, (COST Action IS1409)

Aug 2015

Dr. Aine Ni Leime of the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, NUI Galway, has secured as main proposer, funding for a new European Network on Gender and extended working life under the COST Action Programme.  She is the elected chair of the Action which was developed along with colleagues from 13 countries

Dr. Ni Leime currently holds a 3-year Marie-Sklodowska Curie International Outgoing Fellowship and is conducting a comparative (Ireland and the USA) research project on Gender, Older Workers and the Lifecourse at Case Western University, Cleveland, U.S.A.

Dr. Nata Duvvury of Global Women’s Studies at NUI Galway was also involved in preparing the proposal and is a member of the Action’s Management Committee. COST Actions are networks of researchers funded by the European Unions’ COST association to provide opportunities for scholars to network and share knowledge and training on particular topics of scientific and/or policy relevance across Europe and beyond.

The main objective of this COST Action is to analyse the impacts of extended working life policies across countries from gender, lifecourse and health perspectives. This issue is extremely topical and policy relevant, given that all countries are concerned about how to respond to the impact of demographic ageing in terms of managing anticipated increased pensions and health costs. The proposal was prompted by the recognition that many countries have responded to ageing populations rather quickly and without adequate consideration of the gendered impacts of policies designed to extend working life. The Action will provide Training Schools and offer opportunities for early-career and other researchers to participate in short-term exchanges in other COST countries to train and work with experienced researchers.

The COST Action runs from April 2015 to April 2019 and is being hosted at the Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, NUI Galway, which is also the grant holder institution for the Action. Funding for the Action amounts to €436,000 over four years. There are currently 22 COST countries involved and 3 International Partner Countries – Canada, New Zealand and the USA.